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It all began at a music festival in The Middle of Nowhere, California. Rory Matthews and Katy Avila locked eyes for the first time on the dance floor, engaged in a funky air bass jam, and spent the rest of the night in a life-altering vortex the universe created to bring their souls together. Four years later and the couple is still being moved by the spirit of music as they debut their first creative project, KATZROAR.


KATZROAR's sound has been described as the imaginative, full-throated storytelling of Regina Spektor meets the emotive and intricate guitar playing of Khruangbin's Mark Speer. Matthews' atmospheric, melodic lead guitar, and Avila's edgy, heavy bass lines create a traveling landscape for vocals that are both raw and moving. Their most recent songs take listeners on a mythic journey of dangerous relationships, magic & mystery, and the fight for justice. In this collaboration, KATZROAR aims to create music that moves you; poetry that tells truth; art that alchemizes the light and the shadows.


KATZROAR will be releasing their debut album INVOCATION in 2021. Stay tuned.




Oakland, CA

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