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grief is an ocean wave


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a death

a rebirth

in grief & praise

an emergence

an evolution

a revolution 



KATZROAR's debut album INVOCATION (2021) is a psychedelic and mythological soundscape that tells the story of The Odyssey from the mouth of the muse herself.

Her forthcoming EP, EVOLUTION (2024) suggests a new, more experimental sonic era for KATZROAR as she collaborates with a different band and finds her voice as one of the only female-led projects of today’s psychedelic music scene.  

Through archetypal imagination and the transmission of emotion into sound, KATZROAR takes listeners on a journey that is truly psychedelic -- one that expands our minds and connects us to the soul of the world. 


born. sep 9 2021 | died. april 17 2023​ | resurrected. sept 9 2023



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