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born. sep 9 2021
died. april 17 2023​
resurrected. sept 9 2023

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KATZROAR is a music collective born in California and resurrected in New York.

Their debut album Invocation (2021) is a psychedelic and mythological soundscape that tells the story of the Odyssey in the feminine voice as Penelope, Circe, the sirens — from the mouth of the muse herself. Atmospheric instrumentals are woven with prophetic lyrics, calling forth a vision of beauty, justice and truth in a world of false heroes & kings.

KATZROAR bridges the gap between the world of the male jam band and the front woman in a way that is both nostalgic and uncanny. Like Jimi meets Janis. Khruangbin meets Fleetwood Mac. Crying guitars & wailing vocals is what makes the KATZROAR -- and them groovy bass lines.

The band is currently led by Katya Villa. From 2018 - 2022, KATZROAR made swift moves online and in the Bay Area music scene when she led the band with her partner. But after the founding couple broke up, the project went on hiatus, until Villa relaunched the project in New York City in late 2023.



Villa is currently collaborating with a team of musicians & artists to carry the vision farther. But what is unfolding seems to be a mystery… is there a new band? Will there be new music? Will there be a tour?

And surely, the most important question remains:


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