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weaving a journey of light & dark, 
myth & magic, story & song



KATZROAR is an Oakland, CA-based trio formed of Katy Avila on vocals & bass, Rory Matthews on guitar, and Phil Steinwebber on drums. Their music combines rich, poetic lyricism and stunning vocals with silky, atmospheric guitar and laid-back grooves to create a unique yet familiar tapestry of dreamy soul psychedelia. 


At the helm of the project that is KATZROAR, creatively prolific couple Katy Avila and Rory Matthews draw their influence from a wide variety of artists such as Regina Spektor, Fiona Apple, Portishead and Khruangbin. Their sound also echoes the political and spiritual revolutionary tone of ‘60s and ‘70s rock icons like Fleetwood Mac and Jefferson Airplane, and is greatly inspired by global music from Indian ragas to Nigerian rock. The result is a multi-genred musical offering that is vast, undefinable, yet uncanny and nostalgic. 


Their debut album Invocation is an archetypal journey of dangerous relationships, magic & mystery, and the fight for justice. Using themes and imagery from the well-known Greek myth “The Odyssey,” the album explores the untold stories of the often-secondary female characters - the beast, the goddess, the witch. In a velvety, lush landscape of vocals, guitar, bass and drums, Invocation takes the listener on the intimate adventure of rediscovering one’s own inner power, and the mythopoetic nature of the human experience. In this collaboration, KATZROAR creates music that moves you, poetry that tells truth, art that alchemizes the light and the shadows.

What fans are saying about Invocation:


"Music for when you want to remember what hope feels like."

"Moody, smoke curling around an empty room, baked in the sun, spacious, vibey, layered."

"Dreamy, ephemeral. Feels like laying down by the ocean on a perfect day with no cares in the world."

"Empowered, overwhelming confidence in creating our own realities."

"Siren calls, beautiful story telling, day dreamy, vintage, enticing, it makes me want to dance!"

"Compelling lyrics of clarity and empathy."

"Makes me want to writhe around on the ground, go on a long night drive and stare out over a bridge, epic soundtrack vibes."

"Compelling call to action and transformation."

"Stoned in the sun without sun screen but its okay because you remembered your headphones."

"Moody, sensual, confident."

"Laid back psychedelic rock with adventurous and rich imagery/lyricism."


Oakland, CA

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Listen to the debut album INVOCATION 

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You can also buy & download INVOCATION directly from Bandcamp

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